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The Consigliere
The Chapel Tavern T Duncan Mitchell Solera System Aged House Boulevardier
The Consigliere is a one of one cocktail
Solera systems have been around for centuries. The idea is to create an interconnected barrel aging system that results in a consistent, blended final product. Long used in rum and fortified wine aging, Chapel Tavern has taken the concept and applied it to a cocktail.
The idea first began with Chapel Tavern's founder and original owner, Duncan Mitchell.
This singularly unique cocktail took years to develop and numerous collaborations with local artists. The entire system was built by a local carpenter, engineer and a few mad scientist bartenders.
The Consigliere is Chapel Tavern’s version of the classic Boulevardier cocktail. The cocktail combines over proofed bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth and an additional amaro into a dozen five liter oak barrels creating a savory and bold tasting experience.
Try one today and ask about taking our commemorative glassware home!
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